Welcome to A B2B network hub. This is our first post.
We have started to develop this group of web sites that share a common theme ‘dance’. Each site has a dedicated mission while working together to develop real unique content. Our sites are sponsored by ad’s and where we become quite different is we are looking to develop new ways for business to reach customers with out tracking there every move and having to spend vast amounts on marketing. The deal a day business model is quite proven and we are helping to make the connection between sites products and services.

One of our main goals is to build a community of support that reaches small business and consumer and helps protect them along the way.
Todays marketing plans involve paying one company to promote one for access another for traffic and even another for distribution. Our goal is to cut that chain of waste (revenue for top sites) and move it to the content developers end users and businesses that need it the most.
While this group is focused on dance and ballet, we have many more groups and seek a manager to help develop this group of sites.
We are just getting started and if you found this info, love ballet and dance want a job with tons of freedom and room to grow?
Get in touch!